Autumn in the eastern Algarve - sunshine, seafood and unspoilt beaches

The Algarve is often mentioned in the same breath as parts of southern Spain; a package holiday picture of fish & chip shops and Irish pubs. It is true that some of the region’s prettiest beaches west of Faro, such as Albufeira and Lagos have developed to cater for mass tourism, and have lost much of their own identity.

However, head east from Faro airport to discover a region where English is still a foreign language, fish is served grilled, barbecued as espadas (skewers) or in the local caldeirada (fish stew), alongside fresh, slightly sparkling “green” wine (vinho verde), and the beaches are less accessible and a hundred times more pleasant. And if that wasn't enough, temperatures are still in the low- to mid-20s in November, making this an appealing prospect for a dose of warm winter sun.

Ria Formosa

The coast from Faro to almost the Spanish border is lined with a system of white sand barrier islands that protects the Ria Formosa, aptly named the "beautiful river", but really more of a tidal lagoon. It's protected as a Natural Park and teems with bird and sea life; tourist activity is secondary to the wildlife and work of the fishermen and shellfish farmers. It’s possible to take guided walks and boat trips, or simply to explore the area by yourself; look out for chameleons, flamingos and seahorses as well as dolphins and migrating birds.


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