An insider's guide to Algarve, featuring the region's best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, attractions and things to do, including how to travel there and around. By Mary Lussiana, Telegraph Travel's Algarve expert. Click on the tabs below for the best places to stay, eat, drink and shop, including the best things to do and the best beaches.

The Algarve is often mentioned in the same breath as parts of southern Spain; a package holiday picture of fish & chip shops and Irish pubs. It is true that some of the region’s prettiest beaches west of Faro, such as Albufeira and Lagos have developed to cater for mass tourism, and have lost much of their own identity.

Why go now?

Faro's festa season starts soon, kicking off with the Ria Formosa Seafood Festival (26 July-5 August), continuing with FolkFaro (16-24 August), with the annual candy and dried fruit fair running alongside (17-26 August). These are the real deal: traditional Algarve events that don't pander to tourists.


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